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For Parents

I have worked with children for over 30 years, first as a teacher, and now as a therapist.  I have worked with children and families in many settings and am familiar with a wide range of issues and problems.  I know that every child is unique, and that there is no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to helping a child or a family.  

Typically, I will meet with you at least once without your child present so that I can understand how you see her or him, what you are concerned about, and why.  I will ask about your child's development and what is happening right now. I will want to hear about your child's birth, milestones, health history, school experiences, friendships, daily routines, and what s/he does for fun.  I will also ask about your family, how you all get along, and how your child fits in. This will help us to decide together whether to try:

Child therapy:   Your child will meet with me one on one.  We may talk, play, or use art and other expressive media: together we will find the right language in which to work. Therapy will provide a safe, warm place outside of the family where your child can share what he or she is going through and feeling.  A place where s/he can consider new perspectives and learn new skills and ways to cope.  You may join in at times, and I will keep you informed.
Family therapy:  Sessions will include the whole family, or certain family members, and the focus will be on strengthening and repairing relationships. I am comfortable working with all kinds of families, including single parent families, step-families, blended families, non-traditional families, gay/lesbian families, and multigenerational families.  I enjoy the richness and the challenges of this work.  

Parent Consultation:  Parenting can be a challenge, and parents often need help and support.  As a Parent Consultant, I will help you understand what you are observing and feeling so that you can identify what needs to change.  Sometimes parents need a safe place to talk about their child and what it’s like to be the parent.  I will listen and support you.  As needed, I will provide information, skills-training, referrals, strategies, and coaching.  I may help you coordinate with other providers, including schools or day care. And I will celebrate with you when things get better.

Psychological Evaluation:  Earlier in my career, I evaluated numerous children, of all ages.  Currently, I do not conduct psychological evaluations but at times I may recommend one for your child if there is a need to take a much closer look.  If so, I will refer you to trusted colleagues.  If needed,
I will support the process, help you to better understand the results of the evaluation, and support you in knowing what to do next. 


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